Success Stories

Here is a partial list of the products and technologies various members of our team have designed, developed and deployed:

MedWand Digital Health

An award winning invention that is revolutionizing telemedicine worldwide, Medwand is a multi-sensor device that enables a doctor to examine a patient remotely. It includes an HD camera, IR temperature sensor, digital stethoscope, ECG, Pulse Oximeter, and distal temperature sensor all in an easy to use hand-held device about the size of a computer mouse. Cypher Scientific is developing and entire suite of products to enable remote patient care around this device. See it in action at

Global Clinic

One of the derivative products of the MedWand family, the Global Clinic is a ruggedized case that contains the MedWand, plus a medical grade tablet PC optimized for remote triage conditions, multiple power and charging options, and multiple connectivity options ranging from Wi-Fi to 4G to Satellite phone.

IDS Global Tablet

This tablet PC based product has been developed by Cypher Scientific as an intrinsically safe, ultra rugged, Class 1, Div 1 device that is safe to use in explosive environments such as those found on oil and natural gas rigs. It is also an entire suite of products and accessories.

LVDS to MIPI Converter

The first ever converter system that can ingest virtually any type of current or legacy landscape format video source and rotate and scale it for use with todays MIPI standard, natively portrait monitors. It can accept LVDS, Display Port, HDMI, Camera Link, FPD-Link and several other standards to be output to modern MIPI displays with minimal latency.

SunScreen EOS

A portable LCD Super High Bright outdoor direct sunlight viewable monitor with remarkable features and battery life for use with POV cameras, laptop computers, streaming video via Miracast, and remote HDMI input sources


The SunScreen CinePro 10.2” Super Bright LCD delivers a high-definition, fully daylight viewable experience, for recording and viewing footage on almost every professional camera system. The 1920 × 1080 resolution panel provides high color accuracy, 2000:1 contrast, and is so bright, it allows you to operate and view in full, direct sun without the need for hoods or shades.

Cross Format On-Board Entertainment Systems for Commercial Aircraft

Designed FAA approved Global Video playback devices for use on commercial aircraft including whole plane and in-seat systems. Included creation of the audio and video distribution hardware, software, and harnesses for retrofit as well as into new aircraft including the prototype and early production Boeing 777's

Real-Time Language Translator

Designed a multi-lingual real time language translator for closed captioning. Utilizing embedded PC technology this solution translates English captions to one of many user selectable languages and re-encodes the output to 2nd language video captions synchronized with the original video content. This design resulted in a patent granted to the major aerospace company for whom the project was contracted.

OLED based Video Monitoring System

Designed a high performance adjacent-to-eye digital video monitoring system featuring 60fps refresh and 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. The solution supports very low power consumption, a DVI or HDMI video interface and compact near field display optics.

Wireless Remote Control System

Designed a wireless control system to remotely adjust operation of one or multiple HD video devices via an iOS or Android handheld device or any IP network location. The solution includes aggregation and reporting of available device and network metadata and alarms, remote video device calibration and synchronization of operational setup

Aircraft Manufacturing System

Designed an end-to-end lean manufacturing system for the final assembly of the Cessna Skycatcher Light Sport Aircraft. Plant design enabled customer to win the assembly contract for the Southwestern United States from Cessna Aircraft Corp

Time Filter Global Shutter

Designed and patented by members of our team and later sold to a major camera company, the Time Filter global shutter provides smoother and more accurate motion capture by eliminating temporal aliasing artifacts commonly observed in movies. The system also provides variable neutral density filtration. After its sale the system was, with our assistance, incorporated into the camera lens mount with all power, firmware, color correction and synchronization contained internally within the host camera.

Fluid damped full motion head

Designed for a leading manufacture of camera accessories, this solution revolutionized fixed tripods operation and allows for smother transitions within both X/Y and Z axis of panning, while providing constant damping and adjustable resistance for the operator

Created feasibility demonstrations of vision based automotive applications for lane marker detection and road sign recognition

Imaging Platform System Design

Design, implementation and integration of real-time image processing based control systems for a major missile program, which resulted in the direct hit of the first guided free-flight launch of an imaging IR air-to-air missile, ever.

Multiple Software Development Project Success Stories Including:

  • Creation of iPhone client for a nationwide telecommunications company
  • Release of several iOS apps in the Apple App Store, including a Top-50 reference app with an installed userbase of over 500,000
  • Creation of secure IM client for iOS
  • Development of one-time-use credit card apps for both iOS and Android
  • Rewrite of prototype VisualBasic .NET codebase for automated video camera operation to C# for 7-day-a-week production installation.
  • Development of SQLServer backend and C# frontend for payroll forecasting system for a Southwestern State Government.
  • Development and maintenance of open-source Objective-C library for parsing MIME-encoded messages.
  • Design and implementation of Windows-based secure user credential management library for a U.S. Army contract.
  • Apple FinalCut Pro/X plugin development to produce specialized video effects
  • Development of platform-independent data language for reference apps.

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