Technical Patent, IP Research & Validation



Are you a law firm specializing in patent law?

Do you use the services of patent attorneys to protect your inventions and IP?

Are you an investor considering taking a position in a new or growing venture?

Are you considering the acquisition of a firm, IP or entity to add value and depth to your own product line?

If your answer is yes to any one of these questions then you need to ask if you have done absolutely everything to investigate, evaluate, and validate your investment.

While most law firms are excellent at the mechanics of patent acquisition and litigation, they frequently must seek out specific expertise if they are to be truly effective and properly represent the interests of their clients.

The many engineers and accredited professionals at Cypher Scientific are adept at offering the technical expertise required to evaluate a new invention, IP proposition, or prior art for the purpose of patent application or defense. We are experienced as expert witnesses in our respective fields and can offer factual, truthful, and learned perspectives to situations that may require it.

We can provide expert and credible testimony, research or backup for the purposes of defending or acquiring IP protection under the law, for a broad array of technical disciplines.

Things are often not what they seem, and the individual or company looking for a cash infusion or acquisition may not adequately or completely represent the development state or risks surrounding a particular product, design or concept.

As an impartial 3rd party we can bring the required technical expertise and evaluation services to the table that may not be resident on the investors staff. Even if the investor has technical staff members with relevant expertise, the value of a highly qualified outside assessment of the potential success of an acquisition or return on investment can be the difference between making money, or throwing large amounts of it away.

We can help you protect your investment!