Go to Market Support



As an integral component of our Integrated Design Services philosophy, we offer a wide range of Go-to-Market support services. Our experienced sales and marketing professionals have successfully launched consumer and professional products across a wide range of industries, and can deliver a variety of collateral and media to help ensure your product and sales teams hit the market running.

Technical Documentation

This service is available to prepare any necessary electronic or hard copy documentation including Service Manuals or Certificates of Compliance etc.

Operations Manuals

This service is available to create Operations Manuals and other documentation to be included with the product such as legal disclaimers or Quick Start Guides.

Packaging Design

Our packaging services include design for protection in shipment and against environmental stresses, as well as retail packaging to stimulate purchases.

Patent Application

Part of our available IP Research and Validation capabilities, we can assist your legal team in preparing documentation and technical arguments in support of a Patent application, or operate as a turnkey service.

Marketing Communications

Effectively communicating the market position and advantages of your product is critical to maximizing the opportunity for a successful introduction. Our team has successfully executed integrated marketing communications services for multiple companies and can assist you to deliver almost any aspect of this critical task.

Web Site

Creating a graphically rich web site, succinctly highlighting the key benefits of your product for your target audience is a critical marketing task embraced by the most successful organizations. If desired we can help you host your site, and provide metrics for tracking customer traffic and potential sales leads.

Social Media

With the almost universal adoption of smart phones and tablets, social media sites can be a great way to communicate your marketing messages.

Video Services

Complex messages are often best communicated with a well-crafted video that directs the viewer’s attention to key marketing points or seeks to reassure the viewer about potential concerns involving use of the product. With Hollywood just minutes away, we are perfectly positioned to find the ideal talent for your story.

Bulletin Board

Hosting a bulletin board is one of the most effective strategies for staying in contact with your user base. A well designed board conveys the professionalism of your company, and provides a forum for instant customer feedback.

Trade Shows

Trade shows remain an effective communication tool for many companies, and an efficiently designed pop-up booth or module within a larger exhibit can yield significantly greater sales leads than an ad-hoc presentation.

Sales Training

Preparing for sales success can be best served by properly training your direct sales and distributors to deliver a concise product positioning message and the competitive advantages of your product.