A different kind of Design Company



The Cypher Scientific Team has accumulated decades of experience in the design, development and management of an amazingly wide array of cutting-edge technologies, research projects and commercial organizations. From this deep experience and an intense drive for excellence, we determined there was a real and immediate need for a very different kind of engineering company: one that could simultaneously reduce development costs and time-to-market, while increasing product performance through the provision of a complete portfolio of Integrated Design Services.

To achieve these lofty goals we have assembled an elite team of the very best scientists, engineers and manufacturing professionals. A team that has successfully designed and launched individual products and complete system solutions across a broad spectrum of disciplines including Avionics, Computing and Embedded Systems, Industrial Imaging, Medical Equipment, Network appliances and Security, Ultra-High Definition Video and more.

We hold advanced degrees from the top engineering, design, and business schools around the world and represent the combined experiences and insights of leading research labs, emerging start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. Team members have won prestigious design awards, originated multiple patents and are published as leaders in their respective fields, reflecting their contributions both as outstanding engineers and visionaries.

Simply stated Cypher Scientific represents the new benchmark for contract engineering performance and quality. Best of all, we are here to partner with you, share your visions, and help Create your Future!

What can we design for you?